Tesla shares is up as Giga Austin produces its first Cybertruck.

Tesla shares is up as Giga Austin produces its first Cybertruck.

On Monday, the electric vehicle manufacturer announced that its long-awaited Cybertruck pickup had achieved yet another significant milestone, sending Tesla stock (TSLA) soaring.

The business stated that the first Cybertruck was produced at its Giga Austin unit in a tweet over the weekend. Uncertainty exists around whether this was the first Cybertruck to leave the production line or the first "production" model that will be shipped to customers as opposed to a pre-verification build that automakers create to evaluate the manufacturing process.

However, it appears like Tesla is on target for its first customer delivery event in Q3 and limited Cybertruck production later this year, as CEO Elon Musk predicted. The price of shares is currently at its highest point since September of last year as of mid-morning.

Another good piece of news for the manufacturer of electric vehicles, whose shares have risen significantly in the first half of the year, is the Cybertruck manufactured at Giga Austin. Particularly on Wall Street, attention is being paid to how the Cybertruck is received because the launch of a new Tesla product is considered as another significant driver for the company.